I would have to say that our form of government has been the best created to this date. Of course no government is perfect, because it is a creation of man, who is himself fallible. However, our Founding Fathers have created a near perfect system of governance. What has gone wrong with our country in the past 60 or 70 years is that we have eroded our educational system, to the point where we are electing people to govern our country, who have absolutely no idea what government means, nor economics. So what happens when we put stupid, and careless people in power? They enact stupid and careless policies. We need to address certain issues that have come to in this country, such as term limits for Congress, AND Supreme Court Justices, keeping money out of elections (overturn Citizens United v. FEC case), regulating Wall Street, re-enacting the Glass-Steagall Act, repealing the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, boosting education funding, and decreasing defense budgets. We also need to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act. The problem we are facing in this country is that our politicians are bought and paid for by the corporations, so they feel that those are who they have a duty to, NOT the citizens. The citizens are on the back burner. We have senators who are voting on bills that they have not even read, nor do they know the full contents of the bill.