Archeviral - Part 2

Part 1 -

1600 years later, a group of archaeologists in search of ancient artifacts start excavating the abandoned village. They first find the village and then the well which looked like a mound / place of worship. On excavation they find many artifacts and jewelry. Excited, they excavate further and find bones and remains. Puzzled by the strange find, archaeologists return to the camp for the night. Next day one of them develops severe flu like symptoms and is rushed to a nearby city for treatment.

In the city hospital the archaeologist dies in 48 hours and very soon flocks of people with similar symptoms rush to the hospital. In a week almost everybody in the city is dead and the epidemic spreads like wildfire across the globe. In a fortnight, in spite of modern medicine, quarantines and armed guard, 80% of the world population is wiped out. Only the genetically immune i.e. the progeny of the previously surviving family, survive and as always move on.

Disclaimer - Pure fiction!