Archeviral - Part 1

It all starts in a remote early-medieval village in the sub-Saharan Africa; sparsely populated and surrounded by dry and arid expanses of land with little greenery. Due to an ongoing drought, the village heads decide to dig a well in the vicinity to provide drinking water for the village and their cattle. The next morning they choose a nearby site and start digging. On reaching a good depth, they find old jewelry, tools and broken pottery. Rejoicing over the new found wealth, they dig further and unearth numerous skeletons of both adults and children. Terrified by the sight, they flee the pit and return to the village.

That evening they pray to their ancestors asking for forgiveness and retire for the night. The next day people in the village start falling sick, running high fever and coughing out blood. In no time the entire village is dead except for one family. The surviving family deems the dead as cursed, buries them in the same pit along with their possessions and moves on to find civilization and livelihood elsewhere.

1600 years later... (to be continued)

Part 2 -