Upon close examination of Southern culture one tends to find the remnants of Jim Crow laws every where, affecting the minds of African American and Caucasian peoples a like. From Ferguson Missouri to Charleston South Carolina the scars left by segregation are blatantly visible in every day life.

From incarceration to execution by police, non-violent drug offenders and unarmed black teenagers and children are all living under the shadow of a white supremacist culture that relegates them to "the projects" and is so ingrained in these areas that real estate agencies will not sell homes in predominantly white neighborhoods to a black family.

This culture produces young white men like Dylann Roof, the self proclaimed "Last Rhodesian" who walked into a majority African American Church, the oldest A.M.E. church in South Carolina, attended an entire sermon, then stood up, said "I'm going to kill all you n*ggers" and proceeded to shoot 9 church members, including a state senator.

The reality of this culture amounts to what can only be described as the equivalent of living in a war zone for members of the black community, and until white white people as a whole are willing to confront those elements within our culture promoting this extremist ethnocentrism, nothing will change.