I recently moved from South Carolina to Washington and I feel the need to document the cultural differences I have left behind, and gained in a series of posts.

As you may know, Charleston was the largest port for slavery in the colonial era, and since then has worked diligently to preserve the history of the morally bankrupt practice with an almost gleeful pride, with many of the elderly white citizens referring to the Civil War as "the recent unpleasantness". However; I would like to focus specifically on the ethnocentric culture of white supremacy that has a strangle hold on the state itself even to this day, as evidenced by the recent raising of 9 A.M.E. churches throughout the state following the act of domestic terrorism committed by Dylan Roof.

This was then followed by a 2 week debate in the state house and senate over whether or not to remove the Confederate battle flag from the state capital building, which required the repeal of a provision of an entirely unrelated bill that made the flag's presence on the grounds of the Capital building in Columbia permanent in the late '90's.
South Carolina not only has a past of racial violence and oppression, it is currently mired in it, and proud of it, because "Heritage".